Digital Signage

From video systems for lounges, restaurants, hotels and public spaces, to programmed Digital Signage solutions for just about anywhere, we design, install and maintain a broad collection of video screens, source systems and automation to meet any need.

Digital information displays are critical to your organization. Showing people how to find their way around a large facility or building complex is not an easy task. And no matter what type of company, organization or institution you have, the routes are always dynamic. There are adjustments due to renovations, maintenance or spaces that change ownership.

Additionally, new visitors to the facility need to know how to get to the right place, appointment or find their favorite store. Using the Scala platform to create a digital wayfinding strategy enables you to easily adjust routes and maps and lead your visitors to the right place easily and quickly. Our solutions provide:

  • Personalize and customize the content with logos, videos and social media for a warm welcome
  • Link to your reservation or scheduling systems
  • Sync databases to the digital signage system for personalized route descriptions
  • In retail, easily show shoppers the way to stores with their favorite product or brand by having them enter what they are looking for in the navigational tool
  • Increase service, experience and sales at the same time. For example, airline passengers can find their gate by typing in their flight number and then seeing where they can eat and drink along the way.