Health & Fitness

You just can’t beat the perks of your own personal Fitness Room. Parking’s a snap, there’s never a crowd, and it always plays music you like. Plus, the towel service is excellent, and you can grunt all you want. But how does the cost compare with that of a typical gym membership? It pays for itself over time. And not even that much time. Consider this: The average gym membership runs $50 a month. That’s $600 a year, not including any enrollment and processing fees (never mind locker fees, towel fees, and the money you spend at the smoothie bar). A home gym eliminates monthly dues for good. And most important, it’s convenient. Which means that unlike the 30 percent of people with gym memberships who quit each year, you’re more likely to capitalize on your investment—and reap the hard-body rewards. We outfit personal fitness centers with the technology that makes it work for you: music systems, video displays, streaming channels, wireless headphones, lighting, shades, temperature controls, security systems… everything to make the space inviting, enjoyable and comfortable. All King technology is programmed in advance so all you need to do is pick your workout and the electronic systems know what to do. Now time for another round of lunges!