Shades and Control

Expansive windows require motorized shades and drapes. Our motorized shading systems allow you to monitor and control the light and privacy of your home from a simple smartphone app or a touchpanel – whether you are home or away. We set our systems to allow morning light in and reset in the afternoon to protect furniture and art work from harsh sun, all the while minimizing energy usage from heating and cooling. Your window coverings can open and close at your command, according to a program, or the time of day and available sunlight – all of which reduces your carbon footprint.

We also interface with smart thermostats that learn your habits. This gives you comprehensive light, heat and cooling control that makes your home more comfortable and efficient. Our environmental systems integrate with our other controls allowing you to take command of all home systems, from security, to lighting, to entertainment. There’s no reason to waste energy when technology can do the thinking, and the legwork, for you.