Design Build

The first step is careful project assessment and planning. If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality. With our extensive high and low-volt experience and design sense, we develop diagrams and layouts for the system. We work with the architect, designer, mechanical engineers and GC to consider everything, from room arrangements and equipment placement to safety requirements. Then our team of qualified and experienced technicians get the job done properly. Remember – we know the electrical AND the electronic needs – a huge advantage.

Clean Power

Clean electricity is electrical power that is free from voltage spikes and drops. Voltage ripple or noise that is outside the ideal sine waveform is sometimes referred to as dirty electricity or electrical pollution. Dirty power reduces performance of your electronics, adds interference to HDTV’s and video projectors, saps power from your music and contributes to lock-ups and software crashes in your computer-based products. Clean power comes from having adequate amperage and proper wiring, grounding, surge protection and filtering from the panel to the outlets.

IP / LED Lighting

Advances in lighting have yielded important new technologies for saving energy and beautifying your spaces. The first breakthrough is LED, the second, IP lighting. LED lighting differs from incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting in several ways. LED lighting is more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting. LED’s use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently and without adding heat to the room. However, LED controls, bulbs and fixtures have to be compatible to ensure proper results. This is a precise digital technology, not meant to be used on old analog wiring, switches and fixtures.

We also recommend IP Lighting systems. These cutting-edge designs offer enormous advantages by sending the control and power over a single computer-grade wire.

Green – Solar and Geothermal

Making your home or building ‘green’ requires a comprehensive look at its construction first, then how technology can add value by lowering energy use and your carbon footprint. We start with an assessment of current energy systems and  planned HVAC, lighting and all electrical/electronic systems to see how they all work with or in many cases, against the design and build of your home or commercial space. Our technology recommendations include Smart Home/Building controls, LED and IP lighting, Smart Thermostats, Occupancy Sensors, Sun Management, Solar, Geothermal, Battery Storage and Off-Grid planning. As one of the few advanced electric and electronic contractors, we do it all in-house, from design through installation and support.

Fast Electric Car Charging

First, let’s define car charging. An electric car’s charger is actually inside the vehicle. It takes AC electricity from your house or parking area and converts it to DC—so your car’s battery pack can be charged, the same way you recharge your smartphone. This fact doesn’t stop nearly everybody from calling the wall-mounted Electric Car box a “charger.” Actually, that box, cord and plug has a technical name—Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or EVSE. It supplies fast juice for your car, and you or your customers will want to have one or more at home or in their parking facility. We specialize in the design, supply and installation of a wide variety of commercial-grade EVSE systems for home, public and private garages and parking lots. As a Tesla authorized specialist, we understand charging, solar and battery storage. We will get you the fastest charging setup, up to 480 volt, 100 amp systems. Want to get a text message when you car is fully charged? Just ask!

Emergency Power and Protection

Let’s face it, the chances are slim that you’ll be struck by lightning. But… lightning and storms will strike your city. All it takes is a lightning strike, hurricane, or nor’easter to hit within a few dozen miles, and you will have a power surge, spike, brown-out or complete loss of power. And if you’ve ever been without power even for a few minutes (let alone a week or more), it’s a serious hassle, costly and maybe even life-threatening. We can minimize the threat and make your life very comfortable during the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you.

Surge/Spike Protection. We put in systems at your electrical panel to protect your ENTIRE home.

UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Enterprise quality products built-into equipment racks, with automatic notices when batteries need to be changed.

Standby Backup Generators. When the electric grid fails, you make your own power. Our systems auto-test, auto-configure, and supply as much power as you need so when the storm rolls through, you can party like its 1999!

Commercial Electric

Closed Circuit Electric + Automation can handle all of your commercial building electrical requirements—from multi-million dollar new-build projects to football stadiums! Our goal is to create a commercial electrical system that insures safety and energy efficiency, while at the same time equipping work spaces for maximum productivity. We have the experience you can trust. Our Commercial Services Division provides ongoing, year-round maintenance for multi-family HOAs, retail centers and commercial property owners and property managers. Proactive and regular check-ups can save owners considerable operations costs.

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  • Machine hook-ups
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